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To ensure that your visit to the LA Fashion District is as rewarding as possible, property owners contribute over $4 million annually to support the LA Fashion District Business Improvement District (BID). The LA Fashion District BID is a non-profit organization, dedicated to making the community a clean, safe and friendly place to work, shop, do business and live through cleaning, safety and marketing programs. Launched in January, 1996, the LA Fashion District BID was the first property-based BID in Los Angeles.

A 15-member Board of Directors, consisting of LA Fashion District property owners, administers the management of the BID. A seven-member management team directs the day-to-day operation of BID programs and serves as a liaison for law enforcement, industry associations and city government.

The LA Fashion District BID covers 100 blocks in downtown Los Angeles. General boundaries are from 7th Street (and on Los Angeles Street to 6th Street) to the north, Santa Monica 10-Freeway to the south, Spring and Main Streets to the west and San Pedro Street to the east. 

Our Mission

The LA Fashion District Business Improvement District is dedicated to making our community a clean, safe, and friendly place to work, shop, do business and live.

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2011 Form 990

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