About The Neighborhood

Downtown Los Angeles is transforming into a major entertainment and cultural hot spot.

As a part of this renaissance, the LA Fashion District continues to thrive, with new construction and development. Adaptive reuse conversions of historic buildings are making way for over 700 housing units in the District, bringing a new dimension to this hub of Los Angeles' $24.3 billion apparel industry.

As the creative center of the fashion industry, the LA Fashion District is a top destination for wholesale buyers, retail shoppers, designers, fashion students and Hollywood stylists. Over one and a half million people from all around the world visit the District annually. And with the addition of residents, the Fashion District is now positioned to become a 24-hour destination.

The District also encompasses part of Gallery Row and offers a wide range of dining options. The District is alive with creative energy that is infused in the workers, residents, shoppers, businesses and visitors who all converge here; making the LA Fashion District downtown's most vibrant neighborhood.

About the Neighborhood

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Los Angeles Fashion District is open Monday - Sunday, from 10:00 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m.

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